Gael Ikthorn

Deceased Friend


Gael was really nice. He used to live in a cage, but he didn’t mind it because he said he deserved it. I don’t think he did because he is really nice. Was really nice. I traded a bow for Gael so that he wouldn’t have to live in the cage anymore and he could travel with us and be our friends and he could tell his imp to bring him stuff. He was fun to talk to and he knew everything and he was really nice. His imp was nice, too. He introduced us to his uncle who seemed nice but was really a vampire but a nice vampire. Gael didn’t get mad when I tried to heal him but accidentally killed him because I didn’t know about what healing can do to a vampire. That’s one of the reasons that Gael is so nice, he could have been mean about it like some people in this group would have been, (Probably the same people that keep complaining about the bow. I totally won the trade because I gave the men the bow and got Gael and a breastplate too and that is two things that I got for giving up one thing and anyway it was mine, because I found it and nobody should tell me what to do with it.) Anyway, Gael died when a mountain fell on him and it made me sad but then I heard that some bad guy was doing bad things to him and that made me sadder. Then Zeddick did something to help him out and he’s in heaven now with my dad and he doesn’t talk to me anymore but that’s OK because I know he is having fun with the imps and rainbows and stuff where he is. I miss Gael.



Gael Ikthorn

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